It’s the Middle of the Night

I’m pretty sleepy today. I got the kids off to bed on time last night. Put myself to bed early. And still, I’m tired. The culprit? My six-year-old son. He came knocking on my door in the middle of the night, 2:09am, to be exact. He asked, “Did Grandma text you?” (Grandma and I own a house together.) He says his legs hurt (a common complaint for the poor little guy.) He wants an ibuprofen and to be tucked back in.

It seems most nights, I get a knock on my door. Sometimes it’s my nine-year old saying she had a bad dream and asking to sleep with me. Other times it’s my six-year-old with the leg cramps. And still other times it’s my two-year old crying and wandering aimlessly, needing to be walked back to his bed.

A friend told me about these cool clocks you can put in your kids’ rooms that shows one symbol when it’s still night-night time and another when it’s day, and a suitable hour to go see mommy and daddy. (Wonder if that works for nine-year olds too…)

Babycenter has a pretty good article on dealing with late-night visits. They suggest offering incentives to keep the kids in their own beds. We had a similar approach in the past, giving the kids three pennies each night if they stayed in their bed. If they got out, they had to give a penny back and so on. You get the drift.

Do your kids still wake you up at night? What’s been your best solution to teaching your kids to put themselves back to sleep?