The Unsung Hero in your Kitchen

Every day, she serves you. She always keeps things just where you left them. She makes sure that wonderful pot roast you made last night (do people still make pot roast?) stays fresh to provide dinner for another day. She puts up with your kids constantly pulling on her, grubby hands and all. She takes the abuse of having to be “on” 24/7. Until, one day she doesn’t. And that, my friends, that is the day you realize how much you’ve taken her for granted. Your refrigerator, that is.

All those countless times I’ve opened my fridge doors and stood there, pondering what I would make for dinner (yes, exactly the thing our parents scolded us for when we were kids), I honestly never thought, “Hey, I wonder how much longer this fridge will last.” Because you just expect it will work. It’ll keep doing its job. But, like the book says, “Everyone poops.” Fridges, too. And yes, yes, I do think it counts as pooping when you come home to find a soupy mess in your freezer and water from the ice machine gushed out on the ground, pooling up under your floor and destroying the planks in the process.

You never realize how good you have it, until you’re elbow deep in your freezer at 10:30 at night, sorting the salvageable (veggie burgers) from the unsalvageable (room temperature fish) when all you really wanted was to indulge yourself in a bowl of freaking ice cream that is now a container of thick liquid. Or, when you are deciding exactly what makes the cut of the sacred space in your cooler – eggs, yes, pickles, no. No, you never take the time to think, “Wow, having a working fridge is just swell.” But, you should.

You know why you should take a moment to be thankful for your refrigerator? Your hard-working, unappreciated, unsung hero of your kitchen? Because they are ridiculously expensive to replace! And, it’s a real pain in the butt to do so. I now know way more than I ever should about options – stainless steel or white, french doors or a side by side, freezer on top or bottom. And I know about the reality that your old, defunct fridge has to go somewhere. Putting it out to pasture is not free. Either is the cost of a new water pipe, because apparently the new one shall never use the old one. It may actually be a commandment.

So, my friends, when you go to make dinner tonight or when you open the doors of your fridge to gather the stuff to make lunches in the morning, take a second to appreciate that old gal. Tell her thanks. And keep an eye on the sales, because you never know when her day is coming.



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