The Great Mommy (and Daddy) Network

This week, my husband is working out of town. I may have mentioned this. It leads to a lot of this mommy shuffling things and schedules around to make sure the kids are where they should be when they need to be there. (When people jokingly say their children’s social calendar is busier than their own, they aren’t kidding!)

One wonderful thing that has come of this, is the stepping up of The Great Mommy (and Daddy) Network. This is your group of friends/close acquaintances/family that pitch in to help you out when you need it. This school year, my major need has been after school care. The place my 4th grader goes won’t take kids as young as kindergarten. So… unless I wanted my 5-year-old wandering the streets for a few hours until I get off work, I needed to come up with a plan. And, as a new article points out, finding after school care is no easy task. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to find a spot, its expensive. Enter The Great Mommy (and Daddy) Network.

This year, it’s a tag-team effort between two awesome friends who perform both taxi service and day care. I was blessed to have a friend (my kindergartener’s best friend’s mom) offer to watch my youngest after school. She meets with yet another friend of mine who picks my kids up and delivers the youngest to her. If it weren’t for these two ladies, I don’t know what I would do. Every day, they perform the child shuffle – around their own work schedules – so my kids have somewhere safe to be after school.

Then, tomorrow, my mom is coming over in the morning to get my kids off to school so I can make it to an early morning meeting a few towns away. The last time she was over, she left me flowers and cleaned my bathroom. Now THAT’S awesome. (Thanks Mom!)

If it weren’t for mommies and daddies filling in, stepping up and helping out – where would we be? Broke. That’s where. Because, what these folks provide is an invaluable service. A service that I’m really hoping is redeemable via offering to watch their kids on date night and plying them with bottles of wine or coffee gift cards…




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