Dinner Conversations Not for the Faint of Heart

The other night, we sat as a family having supper and discussing our days. It’s the typical dinnertime routine in our house. Usually, we discuss the best parts of our days. I’d watched a video earlier in the week where TobyMac talked about asking his kids, “What did you see God in today?” So, we discussed that as well. And then things got dark.

We showed our kids a video about the dangers of meeting strangers online. It’s basically a scenario set up by a dude who runs a Reality TV show on the web. He’s worked out a situation with the parents of preteen girls to convince these girls online that he’s actually a teenage boy, and then ultimately make a plan to meet up. The girls have no idea he’s actually much older. So, they of course – stupidly – agree to meet him. The parents are always with him when they meet up and it typically ends with the parents screaming in disbelief at their daughter and the daughter, in turn, sobbing and apologizing.

After we watched this video, we asked our kids what they thought of it. What was the problem with meeting someone you don’t know? We talked about stranger danger – but then we mentioned what could have happened to these girls. The list was long – and terrifying: abduction, injury, murder and rape. Rape was an interesting subject to explain. They asked me what it meant and then one of my kids defined it for us: “doing sex to someone.” Well, yes, but… We explained further that it meant to force someone to do something without them saying okay first. I’m sure even that definition could use some help.

Man, dinner was not quite what I was expecting that evening. Sometimes the atypical conversations are what you need to break routines and really get to the heart of some serious life lessons. Especially considering our typical dinnertime conversation somehow circles back to farts.



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