Let’s Play Mommy Bingo!

When was the last time you went out with the girls? No kids. No husbands. Just a moms night out. A friend recently had such an event with several girlfriends and they found themselves discussing all the elements of going out, sans kids. They talked about how you should get bonus points for things like not wearing yoga pants. And from there – the idea of Mommy Bingo was born. And so, I present to you the official Mommy Bingo game board. Print and take this with you on your next moms night out. See how many squares you can fill. Compete with your fellow mommies and see who can get five in a row first. You’ll notice there are bonus squares for wearing matching bra and panties. That better be a bonus square! The chances of that happening are like that of spotting a leprechaun riding a unicorn. And now you know too much about my underwear drawer…

Mommy Bingo


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