There’s Bound to be a Letdown

My kids returned home today from an epic adventure spanning from Chicago to Disney World. Their days have been filled with extended family and lots and lots of fun. Tonight, I will pick them up from this whirlwind adventure and plant them back into the reality that is the typical summer vacation: food cooked at home, bike rides and chores.

I know I’ve quoted my step mother’s words of wisdom before, “You’re not their cruise ship director.” And yet, I fear the letdown. I worry about what they’ll expect after two and a half weeks of constant stimulation. We do a lot of playing outside, reading books together and playing board games. That’s got nothing on Mickey Mouse.

While they adjust to normal life again – you know, the kind that doesn’t involve theme parks – I hope they take it in stride. I hope there won’t be a letdown. I hope there won’t be a meltdown. But, above all else – I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THEM!


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