And Now My Couch Smells Like Urine

Furniture and children – it’s a troublesome mix. There’s bouncing off furniture – using the sofa as a trampoline and forever damaging the springs. There’s hiding candy wrappers between the cushions or otherwise leaving behind remnants like popcorn kernels. And then there’s bodily fluids.

Having a child around furniture is kind of like carrying around a beaker of highly unstable and corrosive chemicals above your living room set. You never know what’s going to happen – but it will likely result in a mess.

When they’re babies – spit up and diaper blow outs threaten your couch.

When they’re toddlers – crayons and smooshy snacks are the culprits.

When they’re preschoolers – when someone comes home with a tummy bug, it’s typically the sofa that gets the first splash.

When they’re in grade school – who knows what can happen? Soda. Snot. Sticky. Sand. And… sometimes… urine.

Two takeaways from this:

1. Never buy expensive furniture until your kids are in college. (Even then, maybe wait a few years.)

2. Does anyone know how to get urine out of my couch?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca
    Jun 17, 2015 @ 23:52:41

    I know the answer to #2. As surprising as this may sound, we have a young boy who isn’t quite got the I gotta go to the bathroom thing. I have used the same “stuff” as you use to remove the urine from a puppy messes (Urine Removal at Pet Stores). Proteins in the urine must be broken down to get rid of the smell. So sorry. I cried, the first time it happened, then I swore a whole lot (no children heard) and then I figured out how to clean it. Wash as much of the couch as you can too help lots. Good Luck!


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