Sleepovers: The Root of Much Crankiness

Sleepovers can be fun, something to look forward to and silly. They can also be the root of drama amongst friends and siblings (and parents).

Here are the top 10 ways you know they’ll be drama:

10. One child gets a sleepover and the others don’t. “It’s not fair, MOM!”

9. The child having the sleepover’s friends are more interested in the siblings than the child. “How come when he’s over he only wants to play with my sister?!”

8. The inevitable disagreement takes place between the children and one of the following phrases are uttered: “I want to go home!” or “I want him to go home!”

7.  It’s time for the child to depart and the mess has to be cleaned up, leading to a symphony of “He made the mess, not me!”

6. Your child or a visiting child wears pull-ups at night to protect against nighttime accidents and the other kids want to know why they are “wearing a diaper”

5.  Your child is at a friend’s house and you get a call late at night asking you to pick your child up. (This usually involves vomiting.)

4. A visiting child won’t eat your food “because it looks gross.”

3. The kids never fall asleep and you find yourself moving from, “Alright boys, lights off” to “Boys, morning is going to come early” to “That’s enough! Don’t make me come in there!”

2. Your child is at a friend’s house and stays up way too late and comes home a horrible, cranky, mean, hot-tempered mess. “YOU ARE SO MEAN! I am going to move in to (insert name of friend’s house he/she just stayed at) and live there forever!” <– typically exclaimed after I have done something so vile as asking them to unpack their sleepover bag.

1. Your child forgets his/her toothbrush or clothing and comes home exhibiting a stink that is normally reserved for the elephant house at the circus.







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