All I Want for Mothers Day is….

Stop for a second. Think about this statement and complete it:

All I want for Mothers Day is….

Here’s the thing – I don’t know what I would even ask for. Nothing store-bought, that is. I’m not secretly wishing for a new purse or a pedicure or scented candles or any of those standard things. Honestly, before I started writing an article today for work about Mothers Day, I hadn’t even given it a thought.

Like Christmas and Easter, I feel like Mothers Day has gotten ridiculously out of control in the commercialization department. Here’s my solution – lets ask for something money can’t buy.

Instead of an expensive bouquet, I want my kids draw me a flower. (I’d say pick a wild bouquet, but this is May in Alaska, so yeah…)










Rather than pricey jewelry, I’d love a noodle necklace to add to my collection.

noodle necklace






Forget a day at the spa, I’ll take a private potty break.

pee alone






We don’t need a restaurant for brunch, my kids can make me breakfast in bed.

breakfast in bed









Move over Hallmark, hand-made cards are the best.










And, when all else fails – there’s always bacon.










So, what’s your answer? Complete this thought: All I want for Mothers Day is….  Oh, and be sure to tell your family before they spend a bundle buying you a bottle of perfume, lotion or a candle…

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