Playing Telephone

Seven. That’s the number of times my phone rang in church yesterday. Seven. And it’s only a one-hour service! Thankfully, I had turned off the ringer. When church was through, I saw I had missed seven calls. But here’s the deal – there were only two callers. And they were both friends of my kids. One child called six times. The other just called and left a voicemail. My theory is the parents of the six-timer didn’t know what he was up to.

Now, let me start by saying – my children are not innocent of this. In fact, I wrote a post about the same phenomenon when my daughter was nine. She would call people and if they didn’t answer – no problem – she’d call back until they did. It must be the age because now my nine-year old son’s best buddy is calling and doing the same thing. He’s called 13 times since Saturday morning at 8.

He’s excited to get together with his friend. It’s understandable. But, what do you do with that? Do you call the parents and alert them that their child is calling ALL. THE. TIME? Do you mention something directly to the child?

What do you do when a child wants to play telephone?


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