Weighted Worries

My 9-year-old son complained a bully told him he is fat.

My 12-year-old daughter walked away from the scale saying she is chunky.

Both times – I found myself assuring them they are not fat. They are growing. Sometimes you fill out before you shoot upward. But, sometimes you fill out because you’re eating junk. And lots of it. And then what? How do you address that with your kids without hurting their feelings or body image?

We feed them a nutritious breakfast. We pack them a healthy lunch – a sandwich, fruit and veggies, yogurt and cheese. Family dinner typically consists of salmon or moose meat with steamed vegetables and a baked potato. Sure, we like ice cream as a treat and pizza typically hits the table a few times a month. But, during the day – my kids find their way to the underground snack food market. They come home with candy, drinking a soda or munching on a cupcake. Where do they get this stuff? They trade or use the change from their piggy banks to load up on goodies they know we’d never buy them.

They are growing children. I understand that. Heck, I have a second helping here and there and I’m all grown up. But how do you balance healthy eating at home with the garbage they get their hands on elsewhere? What do you do in your household to teach healthy eating in a way that makes your kids want to just say no to junk?



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