The Sleepover Hangover

My 9-year-old son can be the sweetest, nicest, most caring boy. He can be fun, smart and creative. And he can be kind. Unless, of course, he’s just come back from a sleepover.

The sleepover itself seems not to blame for his sudden shift in attitude. It’s not the fun they have or the sweets they eat or the time away from home. It’s the staying up until all hours of the night and then coming home, sleep-deprived and full of angst for all those around him. And believe me, it’s no fun for any of the parties involved.

It occurs to me – a sleepover is kind of like a night out with your friends when you’re in your early 20s:

  • Stay up late
  • Eat or drink too much
  • Dance – with or without music
  • Being ridiculously loud and getting told to quiet down
  • Have an awesome time with your friends
  • Play some interesting games
  • Try not to get busted by the cops (aka, mom)
  • Instructed by others to go to sleep already
  • Wake up… in a mood.

For my son, the return home from a sleepover usually starts well enough. He’s amped up, energized by an evening of good times – but it soon turns ugly. He’s refusing to listen, he’s grouchy, he’s threatening to hit his siblings. For all intents and purposes, my 9-year-old son is a mean drunk. And then he sobers up and sleeps it off. (In 3rd grader world, that’s equivalent to letting the sugar rush pass and going to bed early, for everyone’s sake.) In the morning, he’s apologetic for his brutish behavior and we start fresh. Until the next sleepover…

Anyone else dealing with the effects of a Sleepover Hangover?


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