Oh what a night

I thought the event of the evening was ramming my foot into the door frame, leaving me laying on the couch all night.

I was wrong.

Instead of going outside to play ball – which was why I was changing my pants, which lead to walking out of the bedroom door and into the door frame… we stayed on the couch and started a game of Scrabble. But then my 4-year-old wanted to play. Slight problem, considering he doesn’t know how to read. I explained that the game was arranging letters into words. He thought about it for a second, then said, “Oh – you mean like ‘kill’?” Okay, that’s disturbing when that’s the first word he comes up with!

Finally… after the kids were in bed for the night, my husband and I were watching a movie. A couple of hours go by and my 8-year-old stumbles out of his room and into the hallway bleary eyed, holding his crotch and walks into his sister’s room and shuts the door. Red flag. GIANT red flag. I hobble up – as quickly as I can on my lame foot – and rush into my daughter’s room. He is leaning against the wall – in front of a cabinet he has opened – and is peeing. EVERYWHERE. Totally sleep walking, he thinks he’s in the bathroom. Trying to get a sleep walking child to stop treating his sister’s art cabinet like a urinal is difficult, to say the least. Did I mention there was pee – EVERYWHERE?

We were able to get him into the bathroom for the last few drops. We changed him into new clothes and put him into bed. He doesn’t remember a thing. My 12-year-old daughter, on the other hand, remembers all of it: waking to the lights being turned on and the ushering of her brother to the bathroom, the sopping up of the floor with a towel and the throwing away of all her drenched-in-pee art supplies. She was less than thrilled, but surprising okay about it all.

So – how was your night?


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