Desperate Choices and Soap Flavored Discipline

My daughter has been reading this book in school about Nazis in Copenhagen. Before that it was a book about post-slavery times in the South. Yeah – it’s a whole load of fun in fifth grade…

Anyway, the book talks about a Jewish family that leaves their 10-year-old daughter with her best friend so she can be hidden safely from the Nazis. After reading that specific chapter last night, I asked my daughter if she understood what the situation was. We talked about Nazis and why certain people hated other people. Then, I explained the choice this character’s parents had to have made: run with their daughter, or hide her. I asked her to imagine Christians being persecuted and our family having to decide if we should take our kids and run away and face us all being murdered, or hide our children with friends to try to save them. She started to cry. It really hit her then. She asked if that really happened, like they said in the book. We talked about why some people think they are better than other people and the dangers of that kind of thinking. Then we talked about the importance of helping each other in this life – and spreading positivity and good will. Spreading God’s love.

After she went to bed, I started really thinking about the choice those parents made – as did so many others during those desperate times. I cannot imagine what that must have been like. Is it better to stay together as a family – no matter the consequence – or hide some members to try to save them? I’m not qualified to even pretend to know the answer to that one.

In order to not suffer from nightmares on this very topic all night long (which was too late because I had the WORST dreams about my kids after that) – I tried to focus on the brighter moments of my day. You know, like when my four-year old couldn’t get something to work and started stomping his foot and screaming, “Damn it!” Said – while smiling, of course. I took his hand and walked him to the bathroom, grabbed the soap and put the bar in his mouth. He did nothing. No reaction. Wait, I take that back. He smiled. Didn’t gag. Smiled. So.. yeah… we’re going to need to work on other ideas for foul-mouthed babes.


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  1. Stephanie B.
    Jan 30, 2014 @ 08:49:13

    It sounds to me like she is reading Number the Stars, could be wrong about that but just from the little you shared sounds like that book. That is actually one of my favorite books from 6th grade. I have always found it fascinating that one man could make an entire country believe that all it’s problems were because of certain people.

    I dunno what I would do in that situation either.

    Wish I could help out with the cussing from your 4 year old but at a lost seeing as how soap didn’t work


    • Mom Land
      Feb 09, 2015 @ 14:30:35

      Stephanie, I thought I had replied to you about your comment. Yes, it was “Number the Stars.” My daughter just brought it up again the other night. Have you read it again as an adult?


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