“I was SO embarrassed!” – aka, the mantra of all tween girls

Last night, in one single conversation, my daughter must have repeated the phrase, “I was so embarrassed” at least a handful of times. At first, she was recounting the events of watching a movie at school the Friday before. It came to a scary part and her little brother – who is eight – got a tad freaked out and came to sit with her. He sat on her lap. She consoled him. And then, in his words, “She screamed at me and told me to go away!” Why? Because she was “so embarrassed.” You see, she’s eleven and she was sitting with her friends at the time. Apparently, in fifth grade, having your second grade brother sit on your lap is uncool.

The same day she was telling me the tale of woe of her brother cuddling up with her at school, she was knocked in the face by that very same brother – while he was sledding. The sled came up and whacked her right in the cheek. It turned purple and was swollen. That night, she asked me to check it again. The swelling and discoloration had gone down, but apparently her anxiety over it had not. When I asked her why she was so worried, she said, she’d be “so embarrassed” if she went to school with a black eye.

And so it begins. We had a nice chat about how beauty is skin deep and that what really matters is on the inside. Yeah, try telling that to a tween girl. Is there a way to skip ahead to that level of maturity where you have self-confidence measured with humility? No? Okay then. Fine. Anyone have any tips on dealing with self-conscious girls?



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