“When I grow up, I want to be…”

A Saint. Yes, you read that right. My second grader recently informed me that he wants to be a saint when he grows up.

My eight year old is such a sweet boy, it’s not a big stretch to see him wanting to do saintly things for a living. Of course, I’d prefer him alive! So, after I explained that little detail… we are working on alternatives or things he can do in this lifetime.

He’s always had a strong love of God and a concern for people in need. In fact, at the last parent teacher conferences, his teacher said if there was a “heart of gold” category, he’d have the highest grade possible. He wants to share ways to feel better, he wants to gather his toys for those who don’t have any, he wants to raise money for the less fortunate.

He and my daughter have been working on this special project for some time now. They have created posters for a play – something to do with G.I. Joe. I’m not sure they’ve actually got around to writing the play, but they know for sure that everything they raise (tickets are a dollar) they plan to give to the church to be shared with those who need money.

Although he hasn’t given up his quest to become a saint, my son has started asking questions about becoming a priest or a pastor. He wants to know what that would take and what he’d do as one.

He is a sweet little soul, but he’s also an eight year old boy. In one day, I can be telling him the details about living a Christ-centered life, and moments later sending him to his room for saying something nasty to his sister.

What really gets me is the passion – and limitlessness – our children have when it comes to their futures. They can be anything – do anything – solve anything. My prayer is they never lose that.


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