80s Style Montage of Parenting

So, I’ve been slacking. I take that back. It’s kind of the opposite of slacking. I’ve been busy and it’s been unusually nice this summer here in Alaska, so I haven’t been writing. Okay, that might be slacking.

In order to catch you up on the last few weeks since I posted last, let’s do this 80s style. To better enjoy this experience, I recommend playing a good, catchy 80s song like “Take on Me” or “Come on Eileen” or “Jenny” or – one last one, I swear! – “Hey Mickey.”

Okay, got one of these classics stuck in your head now? Good. Prepare your 80s montage for a quick wrap of our last few weeks:

School got out

Fun at first

Kids nearly killing each other

Enjoying our new backyard

It’s hot

The mosquitoes are out in full force

Bought a tag along bike so our three-year old can ride, too. HOLD ON!

Kids met our new neighbors – proceeded to “borrow” every toy they have

Sibling rivalry hits a new level when our 7-year-old informs us he’s discovered our 10 year old’s “weakness.”

Youngest barfed on our new couch. And his bed. And in the toilet.

We play outside a lot.

Experiencing “Alaska guilt” – want to be outside because it’s nice, but it’s too darn hot

Making homemade popsicles

Discovering I’m not “Pinterest Mom” when my homemade popsicles explode in the kitchen

Cleaning up mass quantities of dog vomit from the dogs eating everything in our new yard

My seven-year old son – currently standing before me – tells me he can’t sleep. Ever. Without warm milk.

Long Alaska nights = kids never sleep

I am exhausted.

It’s too nice outside to clean the house (whined by me, not the kids)

Googling natural bug repellant

Googling natural bug bite cures

Checking the thermometer every 10 seconds. 91 degrees? Can that be right?

Sitting on the porch after the kids are in bed, soaking up the sun and a nice cold drink.


The montage is nearing its end. I really hope you imagined a dressing room – 27 changes of outfits – series in that montage. This one ends with smiles, happy, sun-kissed cheeks, a lot of bug bites, filthy feet and a whole lot of fun.

How’s your summer treating you?


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