My Kid is Special: Perfect Parent Vision

Have you ever watched that video of the toddler making basket after basket? The kid is a basketball superstar. And he’s still in diapers. How about the five-year old piano prodigy? Then there’s the slew of videos of two-year olds singing the alphabet. YouTube is a great bragging ground for parents wanting to shout from the rooftops (or the security of their own homes) how wonderful their kid is.

So… as one of my friends/readers asks, are we blinded by the talent our kids? Do we over inflate their skills because we’re just too close to the situation?

She gives this example:

“Yesterday my baby hit the button in this little music toy that plays classical music….. I saw her start waving her hand like she was conducting the music ie a musical prodigy in the making…….. When really anyone else might have called it “flailing” or just an involuntary baby movement. I have some other momma friends with kids the same age as mine and they are always saying “so and so is doing this or saying this” then I see the kid do it and think ” really???” LoL
We all say that every child is different, learns at their own pace, blah blah blah but secretly we all want our kid to be better, smarter, faster, then the other kids.”

What do you think? Ever examined a finger painting brought home from preschool and thought you had a little Picasso on your hands? Or did your toddler start singing along with the radio and you just knew she’d be the next Adele? Do we over do it when it comes to our perception of our kids talents?


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  1. Stephanie B.
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 18:09:54

    Ha mom never thought I would be a budding artist, I can’t draw worth beans! I don’t think my mom over did it with my talents although my brother can really draw he is pretty amazing. Of course we didn’t have the money to invest in our talents either while growing up


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