Easter is Coming! 7 Tips for Easter Eggs

For Christians, Easter is supposed to be a bigger deal than Christmas. The bunny’s involvement still kinda baffles me…

Growing up Byzantine Catholic, the hard-core creative types made Pysanky, which involves wax, patience and a steady hand.

Image courtesy wikipedia.

Image courtesy Wikipedia.

Although my dad did this very well when I was a kid – and I have the kit to do it myself – I am, in a word, intimidated. I tend to  stick to the old grocery store kit.

However, this weekend I found an idea on Facebook. (Don’t so many good ideas come from there?) It’s essentially a tie-dye egg made with shaving cream.

Photo Courtesy: Theresa Murphy Chevalier

Photo Courtesy: Theresa Murphy Chevalier


Of course, that cool technique had me scouring Pinterest for other cool ideas:

7 Easter Egg Dying Tips has everything from neon to embroidery to rubber bands.

Leaf print Easter eggs are pretty cool looking.

Natural Easter egg dying seems to involve things like coffee, onions and chili powder – not together, of course. That just sounds like a recipe for heart burn!

Help for little hands shows a way to get your kiddo involved, without cracked shells.

More tips for kids has the help of a colander.


Let me know if you use any of these! Send me your pictures and tips and share them with the class!






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