A New Home

We’ve done it. It’s official. We sold our old house and have moved in to our new one. I say we’ve moved in, but in reality, we are living out of boxes. In fact, I still have an entire load of stuff in the back of my truck that we have not yet taken out. We’ll get there… eventually.

The kids are settling in well to the new house. The boys will share a room. They seem okay with that. My daughter slept in her own room last night with no complaints. She had her own room at the old house, but it was on a different floor and she wouldn’t sleep away from her brothers. Last night, she crawled right into her bed and didn’t make a peep. In fact, none of them did.

Our new house is one-third the size as our old place. It’s cozy and I love it! However, there are certain logistical obstacles to overcome. Mainly – we have too much crap. Especially the kids. Our daughter is okay in her room, but the boys are at that age where all their toys are big and clunky. We’ve narrowed it down to legos, Lincoln logs, race cars, art supplies, books and a bin of random. Not sure what we are going to do to make it all fit. Bunk beds, most likely.

My best friend came over last week and we culled the toys substantially. She took away an entire truck load of toys. It makes me ill, thinking about all that stuff. It was all stuff they hardly ever played with. Hopefully, some child will one day.

teddy-ruxpinThis got me thinking about the toys I had as a child.  I had a vast stuffed animal collection, of which my favorite was Scrungy. Barbies also took over much of my room. My prized possession was my talking Teddy Ruxpin doll my brother bought me one Christmas. By far, my favorite toy ever. Not sure what happened to the Barbies, Teddy or the stuffed animals – but I still have Scrungy to this day. (Thanks, mom, for keeping him safe!)

Each of my kids has a stuffed animal they love, dearly. What toy, if you could only bring one, would you have taken as a child? Do you still have that toy to this day?



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  1. Stephanie B.
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 10:13:43

    It would of been my cookie monster stuffed animal with rattle eyes, and yes I still to this day have him. He went through a lot with me. We had to repaint his eyes a few times. Though my favorite story that I remember to this day is I used to get bloody noses as a kid quite often and during this one night I got one but didn’t wake up to it, when I woke up the next morning there was a pool of blood on cookie monster that made it look like he had been shot. He went through the wash and was perfectly fine, couldn’t tell anything had happened to him. I guess at one point in time he was holding a cookie but for as long as I can remember he never had the cookie so I don’t know what happened to that. But I have him safely tucked away in a box.


  2. KalleyC
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 03:45:28

    My orange popple–that I still have. That’s the only toy I kept from childhood.


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