On the Move

We are moving. Geez, that one sentence is both and understatement and an overstatement at the same time. We are moving – one exit closer to town. Google says it’s 10 minutes – or three miles away. Three miles doesn’t seem like much… until you’re moving.

Imagine the last time you went on a quick trip with your kids. I’m talking a short day trip. How much stuff did you load in your car? Juice boxes or sippy cups, jar baby food, formula or a lunch box… it’s all the same. It all takes space. Lest we forget the multiple changes of clothing – because you know someone will spill. Oh and there must be toys. Soon, your car is packed. And all you planned was a short trip to the zoo! Now your car has become one.

Lets take that experience to a grander scale. Instead of just enough food, clothes and toys for one outing – you have to move everything. Now, let’s add the extra challenge of downsizing. I am not complaining about downsizing. I think it’s awesome. We are moving to a house one-third the size of our current one. Most people think we’re nuts. But, when you live in a big house you just fill it with more stuff. And it just means more time spent cleaning. I digress.

Take all the kid stuff plus all your stuff plus all the little things like toasters and towels and all of a sudden, you’re facing a mountain. We’ve started downsizing – trying to make sure that what we are packing is actually something we need. We had the kids go through their toys and pick out what they didn’t play with. I was both shocked and saddened. A lot of Tonka trucks will be finding a new home…

We have to be out of our house by this time next week. Six days and counting to the big move. Tell me – what is your advice for a mama on the move? What stays? What goes?


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  1. Anngel
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 17:53:39

    I have moved so many times during my life I can’t honestly say how many it’s been. As a kid my mom would forget stuff I really bonded with or leave behind things I’d look for in the new place.
    Make sure the things they’ve had since they were babies goes into a specially marked box. Get rid of old towels , bedding, and worn pots and pans. You want to start off new in the new house and remember you’ll have much less space.


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