Mommy Nightmares

295803_10150376333977722_454289099_nWe all know our kids have bad dreams. We’re the ones holding their hands and soothing them back to sleep. But what happens when you have a really bad dream? You know the ones I’m talking about. These are the dreams where something has happened to your baby.

I had one such horrible dream last night. My youngest child had been taken away from me. They would not give him back. I knew he was safe. But, he was no longer mine. I know enough about dream interpretation to realize that a few things could be at play in my subconscious: a new custody agreement and my preschooler’s recent comment that he is getting too old for things like holding my hand. I’m sure these things all culminated in a horrible nightmare that I couldn’t find my baby boy. Nonetheless, those dreams are the worst!

I know I’m not alone in these kinds of dreams. Tell me, what kinds of scary dreams do you have about your children?


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  1. Miranda
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 22:59:47

    When I had my first child my husband and I were still in college in Texas. She was born in December. The weather was chilly for Texas in the low 40’s nothing we born and raises Alaskans couldn’t handle… Actually, we were poor college students with a new baby and we didn’t have the dough to heat the house as warm as most would.

    We put some sweats on and sat with blankets. I was so worried about my new baby staying warm enough I dreamed I fried her in the frying pan! Like you would a piece of chicken. She was swaddled in her blankets, hat on with bubbling oil sprouting up all around her. After 8 years I cannot get that image out of my head! It still haunts me when I think about it. That’s my worst mommy dream.


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