Citrus and Sibling Rivalry

2013-01-16_11-14-16_140I murdered this poor grapefruit. It was a full-on massacre that took place at my desk earlier this week. You see, I’d eaten one earlier in the week, the traditional way – bowl and spoon , and somehow managed to end up with pink pulp in my hair. My coworker was very concerned when she spotted it in my hair. She may have thought it was flesh of some sort.

When I decided to eat another grapefruit later in the week, I thought peeling it was the best option. I was wrong. There was a sticky mess. Everywhere. But, not in my hair.

This is all lead-up to a story about a dose of sibling rivalry I witnessed the other day amongst my children. My ten-year old daughter loves grapefruit and when I told her that morning she could have one as an after school snack, she was thrilled.

When I got home from work that day, she mentioned something about the grapefruit and I asked, “Oh, did you have one?”

She replied, “Yes!” in a very excited manner.

It was then I noticed my first grader shaking his head, disapprovingly, side to side. I asked if he’d had one as well. “Oh no,” he said, “I didn’t want to get hiccups.”

Now, you’re probably confused by his response, as was I. At first. Then, I recognized the look on my daughter’s face. It was a look she was trying, desperately, to cover up. It was the look of, “You schmuck, you fell for that? Oh, I so got away with this…”

Knowing, full well, what my daughter had done, I asked my son, “What do you mean you don’t want to get hiccups?”

“Oh, mom! Grapefruits give you hiccups!” he answered, with that, “I can’t believe you didn’t know that!” tone.

I looked at my daughter, then back at my son. “Grapefruits do not give you hiccups and you are welcome to eat them. And you,” I turned my attention to my fourth grade daughter, “you need to share. Nicely.”

What’s the weirdest example of sibling rivalry you’ve witnessed among your children?


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