Bleary-Eyed Christmas Day

christmas-disappointI hope you all had a lovely Christmas! It’s been busy around here, as I’m sure it has been in your house.

Christmas Eve was a lot of running around – with that panicked, “Did we get enough for (insert name of child here)?” We were among the throngs of crazy people at the stores who had not completed their Christmas shopping. However, we made it out of there alive – and headed to church. The service was beautiful. We didn’t have the kids with us – they were with their dad for the night. Sometimes you need to be able to really focus on the message without having to stop down and wipe someone’s butt. Frankly, I think that concept applies to pretty much everything.

We didn’t get the kids until 10 Christmas morning. We’d already done all our wrapping, so we weren’t up late assembling toys or frantically taping paper and ribbons to things. In fact, we stayed up – but out of choice – to watch a movie and share some wine. That all added up to us being able to leisurely wake up, shower and be ready when the madness began at 10. The kids tore into their presents with pure vigor. And for once, the pictures didn’t show a set of bleary-eyed parents, sitting with coffee in hand, disheveled hair and still in pajama pants. By the way, I think that would be an awesome series of photos…

When we were done opening presents, my daughter sat there, with a clearly disappointed look on her face. I asked her what was wrong.

“I don’t think Santa got my letter,” she replied, sadly.

“Why? What did you ask him for?”

“A laptop, iPhone and an iPad. But, he didn’t bring me any of those things!”


Is now a good time to repeat the “Realistic Expectations” speech?

What did your kids ask for that they didn’t get? Or… anyone willing to share their awesome bleary-eyed mama pics?



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