The Mommy Christmas Spirit

Christmas-mom-e1354208408685-38878_466x180Are you feeling waned of energy? Being torn in 70 different directions? School plays and baking cookies for various events got you down? You may be suffering from a lack of Mommy Christmas Spirit.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Millions of mommies are suffering from the same syndrome.

We busy ourselves with so many activities and festivities and parties, plus all the shopping for everyone from the day care lady to the teacher’s class assistant that we feel overwhelmed.

There is a cure – a home-remedy, if you will, to boosting your Mommy Christmas Spirit: downsize your Christmas.

We’ve all super-sized our Christmas’s to such proportions there is no way to keep up. Stop worrying about the tinsel and the assorted gifts and focus instead on the true meaning of Christmas. Your family and friends, believe it or not, will thank you.

Go to Church

Put your heart back where it belongs this Christmas – hint, hint, it’s not in the mall! A few carols in about the birth of baby Jesus and you’ll find yourself filled to the brim with Mommy Christmas Spirit again.

Forget the Gifts

My closest friends have all determined our kids have way too much crap. Our solution? Stop buying our friend’s kids toys. Instead, we may set up a special play date or hang out in a joint-family cookie-making day.

Make a Deal

Agree within your close-circle of friends or your extended family what your gift-giving expectations are. You might think this would be an awkward conversation, but chances are, your friends are panicking over whether to buy you a teal turtleneck or a Milli Vanilli CD, too.

Work on the Memories

Now that you’ll have all this time on your hands that you won’t be spending shopping for gifts for every obscure friend or long-lost relative on your list, fill that time with something that actually matters. Take the kids sledding, color a nativity picture and hang it in your house or share some hot cocoa.

Remember What GIVING is All About


Throw a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket. Buy the guy behind you in line at Starbucks a coffee. Adopt a family in need. Hope Community Resources helps people who experience disabilities achieve their dreams. Every year, they put up an Angel Tree to help people who are struggling at Christmas time. Make giving a family affair.

Let Go of the Guilt

I’ve saved this one for last for a reason. I can see you now, reading my list of ways to downsize Christmas and you’re thinking, “There’s no way I can do that! I have to buy gifts for Tommy and Suzie and my neighbor and…” Let me stop you. Release the guilt about someone who isn’t going to get a gift from you this year. Plan to do something special for or with them instead. Your Aunt in Texas might not need another fruit cake, but I bet she’d be thrilled to hear your voice. A five-minute conversation has more value than anything you can buy and ship from Amazon.

Mommies – we owe this to our kids. Lets not have them growing up remembering us as the frazzled and frantic moms, dragging them from store to store. Lets teach them the true spirit of Christmas. So, moms and dads, what can you add to our list of ways to downsize Christmas while super-sizing our spirits?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 15:06:00

    A few years back, everyone in my extended family had lost their job, recently retired or were college students. Rather than our normal over-the-top Christmas, we did a $25 Chinese auction. It was so much fun, and far less stressful than night after night of shopping, now we do it out of choice rather than necessity. We do still buy gifts for the kids though.


  2. Amanda @ The Scacchi House
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 15:51:07

    I always loved Christmas as a child, but as an adult, my parents (dad and step-mom) made me hate it. They would issue us a list of unrealistic gift expectations for the entire family. Now that we have our daughter, my husband and I are trying to put the focus back on the important things. Christmas is about Jesus, family, friends, and giving to others. Christmas is not about buying your family and friends expensive gifts; it’s about the time you spend together. I love the cookie party idea. My mom and I have been doing that for the past few years. That’s one thing I’m really going to miss being 5000 miles away.


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