Attack of Murphy’s Law

murphys-lawWhen I was a kid, I had a calendar of Murphy’s Law – you know, the things that will inevitably happen… anything that can go wrong, will. That’s kind of been a mantra throughout different stages of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly blessed. But, just ask any of my friends and family and they’ll tell you, I win what I refer to as “the sh!t lottery,” a lot.

I’ve been drinking these green shakes – Shakeology – to try to get healthier and lose some weight. It’s been working. So, even though our month-long challenge finished yesterday, I decided, “What the heck?” and chose to give it one more day. I tossed all the ingredients – green powder, frozen fruit, some water and ice – into our Black & Decker blender at work. I put the lid firmly on and hit the button.  Can you guess – considering the above comments about Murphy’s Law – what happened next? If you guessed the blender malfunctioning and green stuff spraying everywhere, you’d be right.

That lovely crud that’s been going around has been finding a new home in me. I’ve been pretty good at keeping it at bay, but today I started getting the tell-tale body aches. I texted my husband mid-day asking him to make supper so we could expedite the bedtime process with the kids. He did. BUT… Murphy’s Law strikes again and my ten-year old daughter failed to mention she had a project due in school tomorrow. Of course, it’s tomorrow and she’s never mentioned it before tonight. My, “Calgon, take me away,” moment has been replaced with a past-bed-time-homework-marathon. 

My many Murphy’s Law experiences have taught me one thing in life:  look for the funny. So, I leave you with this. While reading my children a bedtime story tonight, “Santa Kid,” by James Patterson, my first grade son caught me off guard when the villain in the book was being particularly naughty. He said – and I quote – “If I saw that guy, I’d kick him in the balls.”

What kind of Murphy’s Law experiences do you have as a mom?


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