Working Out… With Kids

My husband and I ordered one of those P90X style workout videos. It’s called Rev Abs and it’s made by the same Beachbody company that does P90X, Insanity and all those other workouts that make you sweat ’til you bleed. Last week was our first week in to the 90 day program. We were doing really well about getting up at the crack of dawn to workout. Until Friday. I slept in, so I had to workout Friday night. In front of my kids. Yeah.

My two youngest kids watched me as I worked out. They both stripped off their little boy shirts and tried to workout along with me. The skinny little arms of my seven and two year old boys flung around like wild. About three minutes in, they gave up and were sitting behind me on the couch. This is a bad angle to be viewed while working out. Because, this leads to questions and statements – statements and questions that are especially harsh when coming from the mouths of children.

My seven-year old son’s first question, “Mom! Why is your butt jiggling?”

Statement number two from the same child: “They’re doing jumping jacks wrong. Here, let me show you. Your hands are supposed to clap at the top. Don’t they know how to do a jumping jack?!”

And, a tie for my favorite (my favorite, of course, being the question regarding my jiggly butt): “Wow, mom and I were really watering during that workout! We watered A LOT!” Watering = sweating.

I think I’ll be doing today’s workout after the kids go to bed. It’s safer that way.


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