The Minivan…. No Turning Back

When I bought my minivan, it was a conscious decision to delve into the title some refer to as, “Soccer Mom.” My friends all snickered about my purchase. Now, six years later, many of them also have minivans or at least big SUVs, having figured out for themselves the perks of driving a minivan. More on that in a moment.

I am sad to say, my minivan is on its last leg. I have had a ’02 Honda Odyssey for over half a decade. It has been a good little soldier. It’s had the occasional problem, but mostly, it’s been a great car. That was until last week. It began hesitating and lurching forward and all the tell-tale signs of transmission trouble. After some research, it appears it’s about a $4,000 fix. On a minivan with nearly 200,000 miles on it…. not sure that’s a good investment.

Anyway…. this post is an ode to my minivan. I have no idea how much longer we have together, but I’ll take it. I’d love some input on what should be my next car – used, of course. Once you’ve gone minivan, there’s really no turning back. But, I’m willing to hear you all out.

Reasons I love my minivan

  1. What other vehicle can accommodate two adults, three kids, three dogs and all your stuff?
  2. It’s like a giant purse.
  3. Tinted windows – great for changing your children’s clothes in the backseat. (Or your own.)
  4. The acceptance of the general public that this is essentially a cattle-carrier for kids – certain smells and messes are to be expected.
  5. The built-in DVD player. This feature is only allowed in trips longer than 45 minutes. Of course, my kids still ask every time they get in…
  6. The back row folds down so your purse minivan can fit even more stuff.
  7. You can be the “Field Trip Mom,” taking a herd of kids in your car at once.
  8. Extra seats for friends who want to come over a play at your house or for brave coworkers willing to take a chance riding in your mom-mobile.
  9. Automatic sliding doors that open at the push of a button on your key ring.
  10. The sisterhood of traveling moms – the camaraderie of other moms knowing we’re all on the same mission.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katie
    Oct 30, 2012 @ 10:01:10

    Yes! I am also a minivan-driving mama. I have an ’08 Toyota Sienna that still makes me feel like a Queen after 4 years of hard service. With four kids, I don’t have a lot of extra space in my van, which is why I admire a couple of my friends’ vehicles: these mamas, both with 6 kids, drive a Mercedes van (cue Janis Joplin) and –this is The Best!– a 1980s LIMOUSINE! So maybe you should think outside the minivan for your vehicle!


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