One the Eve of his 7th Birthday

My big boy turns seven tomorrow. Okay, one hour and 57 minutes from now, but who’s counting?

As I was making him cupcakes tonight, he stood next to me, licking the…. you were going to say beaters, weren’t you? Yep, well, we don’t have any beaters right now. They are packed somewhere as we get ready to sell our house. So, instead, he stood there, licking the giant fork I was using to mix the enormous bowl of cake batter. I poured the batter into the cupcake pans. I think this is truly the defining moment between the Mrs. Brady moms and the rest of us. Wait, Mrs. Brady had Alice. Okay, the Martha Stewart moms. Wait, she doesn’t have kids, does she? Well, you know what I mean – “those” moms and the rest of us. The moms who can pour the batter into each individual cup without spilling and the rest of us who go around licking our fingers and smearing the batter off the spaces between the cups so the whole kitchen doesn’t smell like burning while they are baking. I digress.

I stood there, messily pouring the batter, vowing to somehow evolve into a better mom-cook-person. We were talking. He was stalling. The night before your birthday does that to you. After I poured the last of the batter into the cupcake pans, I placed the bowl in the sink. As I turned the water on, he exclaimed, “My precious!” It made me laugh. So, I repeated it, Lord of the Rings style. Then he asked, “Mom, what does ‘precious’ mean, anyway?”

I explained, in my best attempt at grasping mentally for a dictionary, that precious meant special and rare and wonderful and great. He said, in that moment you long for as a mother, “Mom, I think you’re precious.” My heart gleamed with pride. I smiled to myself. I thought, “YES! YES! Seven years in and my son values me! He loves me!” But, before I could gloat any further he completed his thought:

“Precious… and chubby.”


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  1. erin
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 22:50:56

    I am laughing right now!! First my cup cake making skills lack big time…I am forever trying to make perfect as the people on FoodNetwork…and the outside of my tins look like I am hyped up on coffee and Red Bull. Then he comes out with something so sweet only to add his 2 cents as only a seven year old can do. 🙂 my son is seven and is forever making me.beam with pride only to burst my Bubble a few seconds later!! Now all the sudden I am wanting cup cakes! 🙂 guess tomorrow I can try my skills again. 🙂 Happy Birthday to your son!


    • Mom Land
      Oct 05, 2012 @ 08:41:33

      Thank you ERIN! You made me laugh this morning, which is good, considering… I got up this morning having forgotten to take the cupcakes out of the tin last night, which meant they were plastered in there. I managed to scrape 15 piles of chocolate mush up and frost them. The rest? I cut the top off and brought them to work as “cupcake tops.” You know, like muffin tops. Oh and my kids were running around not listening in a chocolate chip pancake sugar high this morning, so I was a total grump to them. UGH! I need a do over. The laugh really helped though, so THANK YOU!


  2. Jessica
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 09:07:24

    The best way to get the batter in the tin/papers without making a mess is an ice cream or cookie dough scoop. I have a cheapy one from Fred Meyer I use. It isn’t strong enough to actually use for ice cream, but works great for batter.


  3. ❤Clarice Murray❤ (@hunnyakaclarice)
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 16:38:19

    Hahaha your boy always says the strangest things lol. 7? Already geesh! Don’t feel bad about the cupcakes I suck at them as well I’m most definitely not “that” mom I always have good intentions but the results don’t reflect that. I start to pour nicely but then I have to find a way to “jump” to the next cup and im my “jumping” the batter follows suit and pours everywhere. Sigh at least they were edible chocolate is chocolate crumbled or not 🙂 He’s lucky it’s his birthday or a grounding may have been in order 🙂 Chubby? I think NOT you look amazing!


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