Have you seen the book, “Go the F&ck to Sleep?” I wrote about it around this time last year when I saw it at a friend’s house. It’s a book that looks like a children’s book – but one really for parents. At least I hope no one is actually reading it to their kids!

I think this book should have a companion, a sequel, called, “Wake Your A$$ Up!” Because when your child does not “Go the F&ck to Sleep” they don’t want to wake their a$$ up. This is most definitely the case with my ten-year old daughter.

My girl is a major fan (like her mother) of sleeping in. She’s the one getting shushed repeatedly at night and told to go to sleep. I leave the F bomb out. Okay, fine, saying it under my breath so she can’t hear doesn’t count, right?

Anyway… she stays up too late and then sleeps in too late so that, in the end, each morning I’m late getting out the door. This morning, after several attempts to get her tush out of bed, I finally told her she would not like the outcome if she didn’t get out of bed right this very second. Not sure what I was threatening there but it worked.

My brother has this problem with his daughter, too. He says he literally picks her up (she’s younger) and places her in the bathroom each morning and hands her the toothbrush.

What are your solutions to getting your kids out of bed in the morning? Because this girl of mine is only ten. Imagine the teenage years…


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  1. Mara
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 09:43:48

    My mom used ice cubes after the first wake up call! Or jam the music super loud!


  2. Miranda
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 12:03:17

    I too am not a morning person. I don’t know when this happened but I remember getting in school suspension in 8th grade for being late to class too many times (always to my first hour class) I also remember a few glasses of cold water being tossed on me when I didn’t respond to my mothers wake up calls… she also had a habit of turning my light on but it didn’t seem to help rouse me.
    One time I was when I was spending the summer at my aunts house I wouldn’t’ get up so she got a bag of frozen peas and put them on my feet. The peas didn’t help. I was annoyed at her childish good morning wake up song that she sang to me, it was highly irritating. I actually got myself into trouble with that one because I refused to respond to anything she did the frozen peas on my feet didn’t make me squirm once! She thought something had happened to me needless to say the call to my dad through 3 time zones from Ohio to Alaska, didn’t go over well when he found out I was playing a game.
    With my own children I have not had much problem at all. They are still young at 71/2(I get corrected every time I say 7. Those 1/2s and 3/4s are so important at that age) and 5.


  3. ❤Clarice Murray❤ (@hunnyakaclarice)
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 13:56:30

    My first initial response to waking my son is the nice route. Good morning sweetheart how are you? If that doesn’t work which most of the time it doesn’t then it turns to it’s time to get up! in a stern voice and that doesn’t work I threaten to whoop him the empty threat normally gets him going cause he knows I will follow through. I’m more of the no patience having stern parent that won’t put up with your antics while my hubby is the sweety that gives him multiple chances. Last resort no spiderman or dinosaurs he loves those both so without them he learns. He cries but hey I’m out the door and he’s on his way to preschool on time.


  4. cabg
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 20:31:07

    I find it also helps to have something positive. “Hey, if you get up now you’ll have time to play with the kittens before we leave” or “Do you want time to eat breakfast at the table or just eat toast while you walk to the bus stop?” And at Christmas time I can always get them out of bed because the Playmobile advent calendar is a huge draw. My biggest problem is my 13 year old—he sleeps past his annoying alarm clock. I need the special high-tech alarm clock that George Jetson had, complete with a bed that tosses him out!


  5. Stephanie
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 09:05:07

    My wake up call from the age of 11-14 was my mom yelling at my brother who is 4 years older than me to get up to go to school. He isn’t a morning person at all and is very very grumpy when he first gets up. She would turn his light on tell him to get up then come turn my light on a little ( I had a dimmer switch) then go back in and dump a glass of water on him if that didn’t work she would go to one side of the bed pick it up and dump him out of bed. Her magic get him out of bed no fail was while screaming at him at this point was to go to the garage and get a sledge hammer bring it up to his room and tell him if he didn’t get up she would take it to his game consoles. By the time she got him out of bed I would have been up for a good 30 minutes and dressed and headed down to eat breakfast.


  6. Krista McDonald
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 13:50:56

    My dad used to scratch my pillow to wake me up after the asking nicely didn’t work. That is by far the most irritating noise first thing in the morning and it is impossible to ignore. I haven’t had to use that trick yet but I will if j have too :0)


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