The Power of Paper

My 10-year-old daughter came home the other day talking about a girlfriend’s birthday party that’s supposed to happen this Friday. She said they’d be going swimming and generally hanging out. Of course, there’s a sleepover, too. That’s all great – but I have yet to see an invite. I asked my daughter about it and she said, “No invites. She invited me.” Enter the power of paper.

With a paper invite, you can keep track of dates, times, addresses, all that. Even an evite has something you can reference. Now, here I am wondering: are this child’s parents actually throwing a birthday party, or is their daughter just setting things in motion herself? A similar thing happened the last time we took the kids out to the cabin. The day before we left, my six-year-old son asked me to draw a map for 15 people. He had invited his entire class.

I have yet to send my wedding thank you cards out and can’t recall the last time I actually wrote out a birthday invitation, instead of just emailing, Facebooking or texting details to people. Are paper invites a thing of the past?


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  1. Miranda
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 13:10:35

    I have done written invitations for all of my children’s birthday parties…(9 in all 2 birthday’s didn’t have parties because of sickness) It think it is just proper I guess. Like you said easier to keep track of dates and times. All of the parties my daughter has gone to have been from a paper invite… works great when inviting the whole class.
    The school we go to has an all of the class or all of the gender gets invited rule if you are handing invitations out at school. I don’t have time to go track down each parent to get their contact info just to have the child come to a party. I might be a little old school but I want to meet the parents and get to know them a bit before I let me children stay with them or at the least talk to them on the phone first.


  2. KalleyC
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 06:55:51

    I really like paper invites. E-invites work sometimes (especially if you don’t have their address) but these days, if you’re close, you should have their mailing address.


    • Mom Land
      Sep 28, 2012 @ 13:44:04

      KalleyC, oh man, paper invites. Those things give me hand cramps. And I have sometimes illegible handwriting… Guess I should just slow down.


  3. Loretta Vasquez
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 08:59:46

    With social media being what it is today, paper invites helps the host keep a bit of control on the party. You know exactly who have been invited. It also gives the recipient the specific into on the activities they can expect. Of course an RSVP would be greatly appreciated by the host.


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