RIP, Curling Iron

For the last 17 years of my life, I have had the same curling iron. I don’t even remember how I got it. It just appeared. Nonetheless, it’s been around for a while. This morning, I found it close to death. The red light was on, but it was barely warm – not nearly hot enough for me to accidentally singe myself on and let out a loud, inappropriate word or two.

It’s untimely death got me reminiscing about our days together:

high school –  proms and dances and dates with boys

graduations – high school and college and caps and gowns

my wedding day, dressed in a slip while my hair and makeup was done

another wedding day (not mine) where my daughter served as a flower girl – just three years old – prancing, impatiently, while we tried to curl her hair without burning her little ears

the morning I gave birth to that same little girl – my first-born – when I was convinced I wasn’t going to be all nasty-looking like all those other women when they were in labor (yes, the curls all fell and in the end, I was a sweaty, disgusting mess, just like the rest)

the days it sat, collecting dust, while I was a stay at home mom

job interviews, when I curled and recurled the hair closest to the front, trying desperately to make it lay right, so I’d look presentable

the day I met my now-husband, getting ready for our first date

attempting to curl my six-year-old son’s hair, after his non-stop begging (he was very excited)


It’s funny how much you begin to rely on things in your life – the background of the day-to-day minutia. I know it’s just a curling iron and easily replaceable, but it won’t be the same. It’s like a living history that’s followed me from teenage years to adulthood. It’s saying goodbye.

What things have you grown accustomed to that you mourned when they were gone?



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  1. erin
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 15:28:08

    K sounds a lil cheesy but when we moved from Anchorage to Eagle River some how my box of Christmas tree ornaments went missing, had quite the collection too,about 18 years worth.. some cheap, some cost a bit more, and I had all 3 kids first Christmas ornaments and was buying new ones for them every christmas… I was really upset for a while more for the ones that are irreplaceable (the kids ones) but it’s just stuff, and dwelling on it was just making me upset, so slowly we are bulding back up. now and then when putting up the tree tho I still find my self looking for certian ones 🙂


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