Will Work for Hamster

A friend caught me the other day in the hall at work. He had a hand-made sign he was going to post in the break room. It was made by his 10-year old son. Turns out, my friend was just getting home from work when he caught his son headed out with the following sign:

From an advertising stand point, it’s awesome! He’s cheap, works long hours and will clean everything. From a parental stand point, um, let’s not give out our phone number and offer to provide child labor for 25 cents an hour!

His dad (my friend who handed over the poster) convinced him to rework it a little. Apparently, his son was very motivated to earn money to buy a hamster. The only problem is, the hamster idea keeps getting left behind, replaced by dreams of video games and other objects to spend money on.

There must be something about the age. My ten-year old daughter is trying to come up with ideas to make money so she can buy gymnastic lessons. After watching the movie, “McKenna Shoots for the Stars,” she has decided she wants to be an Olympic gymnast. However, like my friend’s son with the dream of a hamster, every quarter my daughter earns burns a hole in her pocket until she spends it on the first piece of gum she lays eyes on.

What kinds of goods and services are your kids offering to make a buck? And, what do they want the money for?


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