Digital Disconnect

My daughter’s 10th birthday is exactly two weeks from today. Not that anyone’s counting. Okay, she is. Every minute of every day. She told me she wants a laptop, “the kind with the apple on it!” When I told her that’s not going to happen, she asked for a cell phone. No. Then, she asked for an iPod. Why must everything be electronic?

A friend sent me an article today, “Why Cell Phones are Bad for Parenting,” and I’m interested to see what you all think about it. The author suggests we put our phones/iPods/laptops down and be with our kids. Just be. Read the article and tell me: Are cell phones making us bad parents?


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  1. erin
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 17:34:00

    I have and do use a cell phone, however I really do hate talking on it, and basically have it for emergencies, and when I do leave the house, especially since we don’t have a car.. It’s nice to have (I am not to big on talking on the landline either) I think cell phones and lap tops for that matter are both a blessing and a curse, I hate that in the store you have people yapping loudly, or while checking out are ignoring the cashier completley to talk on the phone..I think it is so rude, or in a restarunt parents are either on a cell or laptop..REALLY??? you can’t take an hour or so away from all that?? I took my kids to playland Saturday, and out of the 5 parents that were in there (I made 6) 4 of them were either on the phone talking or had a laptop in front of them. Parents need to pull away from their devices and pay atention to the blessings God gave you!! I for one kinda miss the days of pay phones, besides as a kid it was always fun to see if someone left a dime 🙂


  2. Misty Nesvick
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 19:22:54

    Wow! My birthday is in exactly two weeks too! Can I have a lap top with an apple on it? Seriously though my question to her would be…what will you do with it? Need to play games? Read a book. Need to call someone? Use mom or dads phone (we promise to stop texting long enough for you to make the call). Need to check Facebook? Oh wait you’re not allowed to have that either. And you can’t possibly need the planner for your social Calender. Sorry kiddo, not this year.


    • Mom Land
      Jun 14, 2012 @ 13:52:03

      Misty, neither one of you is getting a laptop. Sorry. We like to play “unplugged” at our house. The most my TV has been on in the last 7 months was while my six year old was sick. I force them to do cruel things like play… outside!!!


  3. bdrga
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 22:06:03

    My husband and I were at the local Benihana and we were seated with a family, Mom, Dad, and Daughter. As soon as they were seated both parents got on their cell phones, and for the entire meal both parents ignored the child. The chef got so annoyed that he stopped cooking and stared at them, once they looked up he started cooking again and asked the little girl why she came to Benihana’s and she said it was her birthday. The parents went back to their cell phones and continued ignoring the kid, the Mom chatting really loud and the Dad playing some kind of game. The little girl just looked around at everyone and watched the chef in complete silence. Thankfully the waitress brought her a little hat and sang the birthday song and gave her some ice cream. Not once did the parents say “Happy Birthday” or “Isn’t this cool?” They even ate one handed, and used the other hand for their phones. My husband and I were disgusted and since then we vowed that during meals we put the phones in another room, or we leave them in the car if we go out to dinner. Sometimes you need to just walk away from the electronics and spend time with each other and the people you love.


    • Mom Land
      Jun 14, 2012 @ 13:53:42

      Bdrga, that’s so sad! Poor kid! Like I said, I’m not innocent. I use my phone a lot, too. But, that’s just ridiculous! I’m going to put my phone away tonight!!


  4. Lisa
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 07:43:31

    It’s not just parents, it’s everyone. It’s one of my pet peeves. I use my cell like I would my home phone. I don’t talk on it when I’m out in “public”. It drives me nuts when all you see are people with cell phones attached to their ears all. the. time. It drives me nuts especially when the parents would come pick their kids up and be on their cell phone the whole time. Once I had to interrupt a phone conversation just so I could speak to the parent about something that happened with their child that day. Crazy! She didn’t even end the call, just said, ” hold on, the teacher is talking to me.” Sigh.
    My favorite vacation is a cruise. In the middle of the ocean there is little cell service and everyong puts their phones away. It’s awesome. It made me sad when we came back into port and that morning at breakfast to notice no one was talking to each other over their meals, they were all back on their phones.
    Climbing down off my soapbox now…


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