Summer Camp… Strike Two

We’re two for two on sick days at summer camp. For the second day in a row, the camp has called me saying to pick up my six-year-old. He’s got a fever. He’s laying on the couch. I held out as long as I could, trying to keep the TV off. He took a nap, but now he’s awake and watching cartoons.

I’m working away at my computer, when I hear this awful sound. It’s the most annoying children’s advertisement I’ve ever heard. “Cuddle, cuddle uppets… cuddle, cuddle uppets…” It’s a combination of a puppet and a blanket you can, you guessed it, cuddle up with.

I’m not sure who created this product or the annoying ad and jingle used to sell it, but shame on them. Shame. This is SO annoying. I can’t stop singing the stupid jingle, exactly as they’d hoped. Oh dear no, it’s on again…

What’s the worst kids TV ad you’ve ever heard?


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