The Kindergarten Cling

Remember that first day of kindergarten? Your child gripped your leg like you were throwing them into a vat of molten lava? I experienced that again today, at the first day of summer camp. Mind you, this is just a day camp. The kids get to come home at night. We’re not talking, “Hello Mother, Hello Father…” or anything. Nonetheless, my kindergartener-soon-to-be-first-grader was stuck like glue to my leg. He was not going to let go.

My little man clung to me as if I were abandoning him forever. His sister had found a friend and was already off playing “Connect Four” while he nervously gave my leg and hand the death-grip. I asked my daughter if she’d please sit and play with him so he wouldn’t be so scared. And, in the loving way most big sisters act, she said no and continued playing with her friends.

After lots of coaxing, the lady in charge of the camp came over and offered to sit with him until morning snack. My poor little monkey. I know that by the time I go to pick him up tonight, he won’t want to leave. He’s pretty shy in the beginning, but once you get him talking, as his teachers tell us, it’s hard to make him stop. How do you help your kids handle transitions into new experiences like that?



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