Little Kids, Big Hearts

Haven’t we all had a moment when we thought our child was the sweetest thing on the face of the planet? When the child you were just counting to three with, threatening to send them to time-out, does or says something that absolutely stuns you and sets humanity right again? Each one of my children has done this at some point in their short lives. My kindergartener told me the other day on the phone that he hoped my lip healed soon after my accident. My daughter is constantly looking out for the well-being of younger children around her. And my toddler just knows the exact moment when you need a hug… or a laugh.

Today, while squinting from the sun (even though it was overcast) and battling a headache from Monday’s car accident, I drove my way to a car shop in Eagle River to get my tires changed over. Yes, yes, I know studs were supposed to be off earlier this week, but that whole Jeep vs. Minivan thing really threw my plans for a loop. While I sat there in the waiting room, listening/cringing through the “bzz-bzz-bzz” of the tire changeover, I started talking to the woman behind the counter. She saw my minivan, put two and two together and asked me if I wrote a mom blog. Alaska’s a small town, people.

She started to tell me about her kids. She had a baby on her hip and another in school. She told me about how her nine-year old daughter did an amazing thing the other day. It’s one of those “proud to be their mom” moments. I’ll let you read it in her own words. You’ll soon see why she’s one proud mama.

10 inches

I should start this story off from the beginning. This is the story about an amazing little girl named Aubree. 

 Aubree is your typical 9-year-old. She is in 3rd grade, plays volleyball, loves her family and friends and has an extremely huge heart and tons of compassion for everyone. In October of 2011 my youngest sister lost a friend to a battle with cancer. This was devastating to us all. Aubree was very touched by his story and wanted to help in any way possible. Konnar would often show her pictures of Cody. She made a comment one day about him losing his hair. She said, ” I hate cancer it is not fair for kids to get sick and have to lose their hair. I am going to give them mine.” And that is where our story begins… 

 Aubree came to me and told me that she wanted to give her hair to kids who needed it. “Because kids like Cody with cancer shouldn’t have to go through this.” I said okay and told her that we would look into options for donating her hair. Locks of love is a non-profit organization which takes in hair to make wigs for kids 21 and younger. I took Aubree into my friend Jen who is a hair stylist. Jen explained to Aubree it takes 10 inches in order to donate. Aubree didn’t think twice, she was committed and knew this is what she wanted to do. 

 Aubree’s hopes are to spread the word to help out other kids in need. And to one day find a cure to end cancer. A lesson can be learned from this small little girl. One small step can change some one’s entire life! 10 inches is simply that. It will grow back. It gives hope and joy to children who have cancer. 


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