If At First You Don’t Succeed….

Remember that scene from the “Bee Movie?” The bee keeps running head-first into a closed window saying something like, “Maybe this time.” I think that might be the mantra my children are living by.

Over the weekend, we were out at our cabin, enjoying some relaxing time as a family. My kids were loving the idea of running around, playing in the snow, in weather warm enough to go winter-coat-free. They tramped through the snow, frolicking across the top, until, crunch. They, one-by-one, fell in. It was always one leg stuck down in the snow, remainder of body on top. They’d squirm for a second, if that, then beg me to come pull them out. I’d try to convince them they were capable of saving themselves. They’d argue with me at first and then, ultimately, pull themselves free. Now, one would think after the first go round of this, they would learn. Nope. Run, run, run, crunch. Again. Can I tell you this game got old fast?

The last time the two older ones got stuck, they were out in the middle of a field. This meant, my daughter had gotten on her sled and slipped out as far as it would take her, then tried to climb off before falling through the snow. This meant I’d be trudging through a lot of snow and ice to reach her. I told her at first to try to free herself. She finally managed to get her leg out, but lost her boot. I walked out. I fell in. I was stuck. At this point, all I could do was laugh. After much ado, I reached my daughter, pulled her boot free, retrieved her brother using the same tactics, made some growling mama bear comment about not doing that again and then worked my way back to the cabin. Soaking wet.

This got me thinking about perseverance. We want our kids to try, try again, right? Just not when they’re doing something that annoys us. Like when they ask 47 times in a three-minute period if they can have McDonald’s for lunch. Perseverance or annoyance? Should we give them props for stick-to-it-ness or send them to the corner?

How do you handle it when at first they don’t succeed, your kids try-try again?


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  1. Leigh Anne
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 08:30:43

    Well, let’s see the asking for a toy or McDonalds repeatedly after you have already said No, would be the corner. Once I have said No, the answer NEVER changes if they continue to ask or beg. Because, if you give in, then they learn if they ask long enough and loud enough you will finally say yes to get them to stop.
    But with drawing a picture, getting stuck in the snow, studying for a spelling test, learning to tie their shoes, practice makes perfect and they try-try again.


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