A Quick Drive to Town

My children and I have to drive to town. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. We will be gone a total of, lets say, four and a half hours. My kids have deemed this trip appropriate of massive packing. We are literally headed to Costco and then a friend’s house. They’ve packed:

blankets – one per child

baby dolls – seven of them

a stuffed animal

a giant bag packed full of God knows what.


But, do they have socks or shoes on their feet? That would be a no. Guess I’ll go take care of that now…

What’s the weirdest thing your kid has ever “needed” on a quick trip to town?

OH and I’ve been noticing some really bizarre/funny posts from my friends regarding their children on Facebook. One friend was pretty sure her kid was plotting to kill her. Another one was praying she just had PMS… otherwise, she was confident she might just hate her family. Send me your short and sweet Facebook parenting moments and I’ll compile them for a fun read.


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