The Whipping Boy

In elementary school, The Whipping Boy was required reading. It’s about a bratty prince who is always up to no good. But, in royal society,  no one was allowed to lay hands on the prince. So, they brought in another, poor, unfortunate kid to get whipped for him: hence, the title.

I found this book at a garage sale a while back and, in a moment of nostalgia, bought it to read to my kids. We’ve also read, with success, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, also an award-winning book. 

My kids have been listening to me read The Whipping Boy to them on and off over the last couple of weeks. Although it’s only 89 pages, I was beginning to think they were losing interest or, at least, not paying very close attention to the plot. That is, until our car ride home yesterday.

My kindergartener was asking me what we were going to do when we got home. I jokingly said, “Oh, we’ll be giving you 97 spankings. Sound good?” To this, he quickly replied, “Actually, mom, you’ve been named my whipping boy. So, you’ll be receiving 97 spankings. Sound good?”

 Note to self: add “reading books to children about ridiculous forms of punishment” to the list of other Brilliant Mom Ideas that have backfired… Will I ever learn?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. erin
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 21:50:14

    I had to laugh at this…. there is never a dull moment with kids around 🙂


  2. kalleyc
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 05:49:23

    Very interesting book, I’ve never encountered this book growing up, but you can at least walk away knowing your children ARE indeed listening to you. Now if only they listen to you when you give them instructions 🙂


    • Mom Land
      Apr 12, 2012 @ 13:59:36

      Kalleyc, I would love it if they remembered things like putting away their clothes (which I tell them 300 times a week) or remembering to brush their teeth. But no, if it has to do with a chance to spank their mom, that they remember!!


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