Daylight Saving Time

I am exhausted. There is something about Daylight Saving Time that turns my children into wild, wide-eyed beasts of the night. That extra hour of sunshine at the end of the day was designed just to torment parents attempting to lay their children down. Thus begins the days of, “But, Mommy! The sun hasn’t gone to bed yet! Why do I have to?!” As parents to children in Alaska, we all know this game doesn’t end until Fall.

This sense of exhaustion got me thinking about nap time. Why is it that those with endless amounts of energy get naps and those of us who are tasked with taking care of those bottles-of-adrenaline-dressed-in-diapers-and-mismatched-socks never get one? Lets bring back nap time, but this time for those who need it!

Seriously though, there is research that shows you should let your employees nap at work. Who’s with me?! Of course, when your boss is a toddler, chances are you might be out of luck…


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