Allergies, Anyone?

When I picked my toddler up from day care this past week, the teacher pulled me aside to talk to me about a curious thing going on with my baby boy- specifically his poop. There’s something about being a parent that throws you into the cycle where, no matter what, at some point when talking with another adult about your child, your or their child’s poop patterns will come up in conversation. Anyway, she said she thought he might have a gluten allergy because of what was going on with his diapers. Hmm. Something to think about, although everything I research says kids with gluten allergies show “failure to thrive” symptoms and my baby boy is most certainly not starving to death.

The next day, I was dropping all three of my kids off with the babysitter. She asked if my youngest was allergic to anything. I said no, but then my middle child chirped in, reminding me, “Ranch! He’s allergic to ranch!” It’s not that he’s allergic to ranch, but we’ve noticed this weird reaction he gets, not when he’s eating it, but when it touches his skin. Wherever the dressing touches, he gets a red puffy mark. While explaining this to the babysitter, she got this look on her face. She said the same exact thing happens to her two-year old son. Weird! Have any of you dealt with this same thing in your kids?


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  1. Aimee
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 11:16:22

    We had the same issue with our daughter when she was younger and would dip everything in ranch and being younger, it didn’t always make it all in her mouth, leaving quite a bit on her face and she got the same red splotches – I think ranch just isn’t meant to be made into a facial mask 😉 she never had any problem digesting it or any other reaction when it all made it in her mouth 🙂


  2. Tara
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 09:36:37

    that’s how we discovered that my son is allergic to peanuts! he was at the babysitters and he was about 8 months old. she said at lunchtime, he got a hold of someone’s peanut butter sandwich and in trying to take a bite, smeared some on his face… instant rash/hives… then we took him to the allergist and they tested him for the 15 most common allergies and luckily, peanut is his only allergy, but that’s bad enough! i hear this allergy is very common these days, but in his preschool class no other child has the peanut allergy. he attends a “nut free facility” but we still have to be vigilant. every class party, every halloween, every valentine’s day, etc, kids bring candy and cookies and other food to share… I have to check EVERYTHING. he’s been given peanut butter cookies, snickers, reese’s, butterfingers… it’s the worst feeling in the world to take your child’s candy away when all the other kids are eating theirs. he’s 4 now, though, and finally beginning to understand.
    his pediatric allergist warned me about bullying and food allergies! she said the anchorage school district will “quaratine” him at lunchtime and he will have to sit at a table with the other children with food allergies… and one of her patients, a little girl with a milk allergy, had kids blowing the residue milk in their straws at her after lunch!! it worries the crap outta me… someone could kill my kid… makes me wonder if i should filter who i reveal his allergy to. ugh, the things you never imagine you’d have to worry about.


    • Mom Land
      Mar 15, 2012 @ 13:25:45

      Tara, kids can be so mean and don’t even realize how damaging their cruelty can be, especially in a case like this! They think they’re being funny, but someone could get seriously hurt. Great, now I sound like my mom.


  3. Miranda
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 10:24:17

    My daughter has no true food allergies but has oral allergy syndrome to most fresh fruits (no fresh apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums) because of her birch tree allergy…. anyway when she was being tested for her allergies the allergist stated that a majority of children get that red rash from eating ranch… I don’t remember the details but it did not keep us from allowing her to eat ranch and now that she is a little older she doesn’t have any redness when she eats it.

    Tara, Keep up the good work. You are your son’s advocate. Most people without food allergies do not understand the seriousness of allergies. My niece is allergic to peanuts. My SIL shared with me that most candies/chocolates that are manufactured in Canada are done in a peanut free facility. Sixlets easily found in the groceries here are one of those candies.(I always double check the packeging) Maybe a little something that can allow your little guy enjoy some of the same things other kids get to enjoy.


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