War Through the Eyes of a Kindergartener

We were sitting at the dinner table tonight, sharing our favorite parts of our day. It’s a family tradition I do with my kids every night. Tonight, my mother told about her favorite part of her day: her elderly neighbor backed into her car. It wasn’t the car accident that was her favorite part, it was talking to him afterward. He told her a story about when his father got into trouble driving a car once when he was young.

As my mother was relaying this story, she mentioned that the man’s father fought in World War I. My kindergartener, who was listening very intently, pipes up with, “World War I? Is that a video game?” Uh… is he too young for a quick history lesson?


Oh- and a quick note: one of the web guys at Channel 2 pointed out I had a misfire on a link from this weekend’s post about dads and their daughters. Click here for a link to my post. The link inside that post is all set now.

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