The Deal with Daughters

I just read this blog post about the relationship between dads and their daughters. It makes so much sense, even for us grown up daughters.

It’s certainly worth the read.


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  1. Kim
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 09:10:39

    Have you seen “Courageous” yet? There is a scene in the film that speaks LOUDLY how a father should be towards his daughter(s). Too bad that not all Daddy’s take their roles more seriously and realize how important they truly are in the lives of both daughters and sons.


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  3. Frost
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 07:59:34

    I have read many post from Faith Promise, this is but one. I hope you have taken the time to also read several posts about the affects of the relationship of Mother’s and Daughters. For a woman who has been brought up by a loving mother is it is truly one of the greatest gifts in the world, but if that relationship was only satisfactory then the gift was truly lacking.
    The bond between a mother a daughter is said by many professionals to be the root of their emotional growth (both good and bad). Daughters tend to emulate their mothers and look to them for guidance (love, hygiene, kindness, etc.) A mother should help to show daughters how to grow.

    The first thing a Parent (mother or father) should realize is that you cannot be a perfect parent in all aspects, and trying to point fingers at who is to blame for Sally’s failed grades or tantrums is never the answer. Maybe try instead to grow as a parent and let your children see your kindness and your since love for them, and know that correcting their poor behavior with proper discipline is because you love them and want them to grow into people who will become a productive part of society.

    As a single parent I worked hard with my ex (as did he) to show my children that they are important to both of us and the they always came first no matter how hard it may have been for us. This always helped when they tried to pull the wool over one of our eyes 🙂


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