An Evening with the Kids

Kids say the darndest things, right? Let me just sum up for you what all happened within an hour period last night at my house:

Reading a book at bedtime about the process of becoming the President of the United States, (my kindergartener wanted to read it and the two older kids actually listened attentively – makes me think we should read it to adults, too) my daughter spotted a map of the United States. Of course, Alaska was located just off the coast of Washington. My daughter, being the true Alaska child she is, looked for it down by Mexico. We then had the discussion about where our state really is. She points to its location near Washington and says, “Well, on this map it’s here. On most maps it’s here (pointing to its usual spot next to Mexico & Texas), but really it’s here (pointing to the actual spot it should be located in.) Ah… gotta love how Alaska gets the shaft.


Earlier in the evening, we were playing Scrabble. This game has always been a favorite of mine, but has just gotten a little more interesting as my two older kids (age 6 and 9) have really started getting into it. My nine-year old daughter no longer wants my help. My six-year old son is just learning to sound out and spell words. He asked for my help at first, but then wanted to do it all by himself. This was fun, until… “i…t… IT!” was joined with “t…i…t. TIT!” He played the word. I said “good job,” and gave the kid three points.

Later in the game, he needed help figuring out how many more tiles he needed. He had five, took one more and needed to know how many he needed to get to seven. I said, “Well, you had seven and you used two. You just took one from the bag. So, if you needed two and you took one, how many more would you need?” He didn’t know. So, I held up two of his fingers. I said again, “You needed two and you took one, how many do you need?” He holds up his pointer and middle finger, then puts the pointer finger down, holding up his middle finger proudly at me and screaming, “I only need one!”

Maps, tits and the middle finger. It was a fun night.

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