Elf on the Shelf?

Are any of you doing the whole “Elf on the Shelf” thing with your kids? I have heard about it through other moms over the years, but haven’t instituted it myself. From what I understand, this little Elf watches over your kids and reports their behavior back to Santa. Like narcs.

A friend posted a link to this blog on my Facebook page. Hilarious. It’s a rant about the mommies who are a little too good with the Elf on the Shelf. Enjoy.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gina Romero
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 15:38:24

    I think Elf on a Shelf is kind of…creepy.


  2. KalleyC
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 06:41:51

    I’v heard about Elf on a shelf, but I don’t think I’m going to be doing that any time soon. I saw on Google plus that a mom got creative and gave him a camera. Now he’s sending photos to Santa too. It’s cute, but too much work for me.


  3. Lisa
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 08:54:43

    Lol…my kids saw the elf in a store the other day and declared it “creepy” as well. I grew up living with my grandparents and my Nanny had what I assume is the original elf on the shelf set. There were 4 little elves, and they looked exactly like what the new elf looks like. So, when I see those elf on the shelf sets, I get warm fuzzies thinking about the Christmases of my youth. She never told us these elves were reporting to Santa as my parents didn’t let us do the whole Santa thing. I do recall one year when my parents were out and my grandparents took us to see Santa (I’m not sure they told my parents.) All I remember was being really excited that he gave me a candy cane. I think I was maybe 4 years old.
    I also saw an angel at Books a Million the other day that is the same concept as the elf, only it leaves clues in gold angel dust. I’m not sure who the angel reports to. I guess the sweet, Baby Jesus??


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