The School Christmas Performance

Last night was my older children’s school Christmas performance. They go to a Christian school, so we’re still allowed to say Christmas and even sing about the birth of Jesus!

My daughter was in the choir of angels. My son was supposed to be Joseph. Supposed to be. However, he still wasn’t feeling so hot and decided sitting it out in the audience was better than risking putting Mary in the splash zone….

Speaking of Mary… this performance was classic. The kind that some day will show up on America’s Funniest Home Videos. The narrator (the preschool teacher) prompted the children to act out their parts of the play by reading the lines aloud: “In the manger, Mary gave birth to Jesus. Ahem. Mary gave birth to Jesus…” About the third time she said it, Mary (a cute little preschooler with a sweet rosy face) starts yanking at her robes and dress. Finally, after some finagling, she pulls a baby doll from the fabric and presents him to the crowd, all the while holding him by his ankles. It was hilarious.

All those proud and nervous faces on stage made for a sweet memory for the friends and family in the audience.

How did your kids’ performances go? Any fun stories? My best friend went to her daughter’s performance this week and said the kids didn’t sing a single song about Christmas, but did sing one about Chanukah….

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  1. Lisa
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 22:56:27

    Our Tuesday night performance at Laurel went well. Not great. Not horrible. Just ok. The highlight for me was when the 3 little “angels” (and I use that term loosely) from my class took the stage. They were simply supposed to stand behind Mary and Joseph and sing with a music track of “Silent Night”, then after that scene, sit down on the stage. Well, one of the angels decided she wanted to sit down when they first came out. One of the other angels told her (in her outside voice), “NOT YET! We’re not supposed to sit down. GET UP!” and proceeded to try to pull her up. The sitting angel (known to hold her own) yelled back at her although I’m not sure exactly what she said. All I know is that I was snapping at them from the front row to get their attention and looking at them with the sternest face I could manage. I’m happy to say, the angels didn’t come to blows, although those same two “angels” ended up on time-out today for fighting over the correct word on a flashcard. I am SO ready for Christmas break!!!


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