Christmas Candy = Crack for Kids

Last night was my toddler’s day care Christmas party. Don’t get me started on how bizarre it seems to have a Christmas party at that age. It did, however, end up being pretty cute. Until the kids got into the sugar. I caught my little one with what had to have been at least his third candy cane. This is in addition to the multiple cookies he managed to get his little chubby hands on.

The table was put at toddler level. Parents had to bend down to make a plate, while children were able to graze freely. This meant trouble. Big trouble. My boy stood at the veggie tray, double then triple dipping a single carrot in the ranch.

Santa came to visit. And in typical child fashion, no kid would get near him. We finally coaxed a few of them to Santa, with the help of more candy canes. It occurs to me, we are teaching our kids to go sit in the laps of strange men in exchange for candy. Hmm… this may not be the best plan.

When we finally made it home, the baby had fallen asleep in the car. For all you folks who may not have kids (I wonder why you’d be reading this, but thanks!) you might think this is a good thing. This is NOT a good thing. This is what we seasoned parents like to call a cat nap. This means the child will wake with tons of energy, just in time to go to bed. Yeah.. not good.

I carefully tried to take my toddler out of his car seat without waking him. No such luck. He cried for a moment. I tried laying his head back on my shoulder. Three. Two. One. I’M AWAKE! And thus began the insanity.

The toddler started a round of a game called “Who doesn’t want to go to sleep.” The big kids were trying desperately to go to sleep as their little brother cried, shuffled and wickedly laughed from his bed. The game goes something like this:

Mommy: Place toddler in bed. Rub back. Walk away.

Toddler: Lay in bed long enough for Mommy to think you are settling down. Wait until she leaves. Get out of bed. Run out of room laughing.

Mommy: Take toddler back to bed.

Toddler: Wait until Mommy leaves. Get out of bed. Run out of room laughing.

REPEAT for the next hour.


I don’t think I need to tell you it was a long night. This morning, I mentioned this to the day care teachers. “Oh, yes. A lot of parents are complaining about the same thing this morning.” Really? I never would have guessed…



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  1. J.C.V.
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 02:07:35

    Kids parties are great as long as there is plenty of sugar. Lol


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