The Land of the Lost Snow Gear

I imagine there’s a place, somewhere far, far away where lost things gather. From the other sock to an earring to keys, these things have come together to join a community, as far away from us as they can get. This land is a warm land. I know this because it’s where all my children’s  snow gear goes to hide.

It’s not even December and so far we’ve lost snow pants, gloves and hats. Numerous pairs of each. You can stick their names on them, paint them purple or staple them to your children, and they will still be lost. I do not understand what happens. I think the first pair disappeared shortly after the first frost.

I’m sure the scenario plays out a little something like this: its cold in the morning when they kids go to school. They wrap up tight in hats and gloves and the like. But, by the time recess rolls around, they get to playing and they get to sweating. That’s when they ditch the protective layer of clothing. Then the school bell rings and its back inside they go. They’ll grab what they can and dash inside, leaving behind mismatched accessories to find their way home to a new land of the lost.

Last night, after work, I found myself at the store buying overpriced gloves because my kindergartener said something to the effect of “You need to make sure I’m dressed warm for the weather.” And he says it in a way that I’m pretty sure someone else has said these words to him. I really want to make a sign that says “No really, I do feed/care for/dress my children, I promise!” Because how many of us parents have felt like a real jerk when our kid makes it seem like they only get fed at home on the third Thursday of the month?

Anyway, back to the land of the lost…. Where does all this stuff go? A friend recently told me about a sock party they used to have on their street growing up. Every so often, all the moms would come out with laundry baskets of mismatched socks and they sat around looking for the match in each others baskets. Brilliant. And another friend commented just the other day that she has no idea where her jeans went. They are gone. Just gone.

So, tell me, where does the stuff go? And have any of you come up with a plan to keep your kids in snow gear without them  losing something on a daily basis?

Oh and one other note… my internet has been down for nearly two weeks. I haven’t been able to post because of it. It’ll all be okay… it just means much more ranting and raving when I finally do get a connection…


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  1. Me a Mom at Home
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 06:54:55

    Your post is hilarious because it’s so true and I can tell you that here, Hubby’s stuff also goes on a little holliday sometime!


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