Sibling Induced Stage Fright

Next month, parents everywhere will endure children’s “winter festival” performances at schools. “Winter festival,” of course means, in all non-PC lands, CHRISTMAS! Anyway, I digress…

I use the word “endure” purposely. Don’t get me wrong. Watching your sweet and adorable child sing and dance “Winter Wonderland” is great. You’ll get the camera (okay, iPhone, whatever…) out and capture those precious moments for all eternity. Or at least until they go to prom and you can embarrass them fully in front of their date. It’s not those minutes while your child performs that you have to endure. It’s the hour or so of other kids singing and dancing. Maybe this makes me a Grinch, but sometimes it’s nearly intolerable. Now, my children’s private school is awesome. The performances are great. Very entertaining. It’s the public school performances where I wanted nothing but to quietly sneak out.

Anyway…. my 3rd grader has the upper hand on all this public entertaining business. She’s done the stage thing for a few years in school performance after school performance. Her younger brother- my kindergartener, is experiencing this all for the first time. And she knows it. Oh how she knows it.

In the minivan the other day, on the way to school, they were talking about what they were looking forward to that day. (A tradition we’ve started in our morning commute.) My son mentioned he was looking forward to play practice. The following conversation ensued:

My daughter: “Oh, so you want to practice for the play, huh?”

My son: “Yeah, it’s going to be so cool!”

“Yeah, I remember my first school performance,” she reminisces. “I was really nervous… but I’m sure you’ll be just fine.”

“What? Is it scary?” asks my son.

“You’re in front of lots of people and you hope you won’t mess up. But, I’m sure you’ll be fine…” she says.


Seriously? The taunting has now gone to the levels of inducing stage fright in an otherwise extremely confident child? Great. Thanks. Sibling rivalry at its finest….


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  1. Lisa
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 19:46:32

    I wish I could cancel the school Christmas program EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I even asked last year, and of course was told no. So, I write a script, find some kid-friendly songs, prep the props, stage set, and costumes. Then I teach the other teachers how to teach their classes the songs complete with choreography. It’s exhausting. As unbearable for me as for the parents who have to sit through it 😉
    It always comes out good, because the parents usually don’t know what goes wrong, and really, when kids mess up it’s cute.


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